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Selling the Monster. SS939S on order

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I've had my 99 Monster 750 for about 14 years now. Still love the bike, but I've always had my eye on the racing lineup. I've always loved the style of the 916s, 1098s and Panigales (we won't mention that 999 design misstep).

Trouble is, I'm getting to be an old guy, and leaning all the way forward is becoming more daunting. (My Monster has clip-ons and it's getting less comfortable every year).

I saw this and knew I'd found my answer. Beautiful superbike styling (including the single-sided swingarm) with Monster pricing and a comfortable riding position. I've ordered an S from Motohio in Columbus and they say I should have it by the end of April.

Thanks to the moderators for starting this site. Looking forward to mining the group's wisdom for accessories and such.
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Welcome, you look young to me ..............
Welcome, you look young to me ..............
Flattery will get you everywhere Steeve.
Haha well put, but welcome to the forums friend! Hopefully you'll get a chance to hop on one of these at a demo maybe and really get a feel of it? Or have you already done that?
Haven't sat one yet. I put down my deposit as an act of faith.

The dealer where I placed my order has a demo day coming up on the 15th, but it's a busy month and I'm not sure if I can justify driving an hour and a half in each direction just to take a short spin on a bike that I don't get to take home. The dealer says they expect the pre-orders to arrive shortly after the demo model, so hopefully I don't have to wait too long.

I should get to sit one at least the weekend of the 22nd. Headed to Austin for MotoGP and I'm sure they'll have one or two on display.
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