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Hi all Supersport riders,
I need a tank bag and had a look on the Shad brand and their pin system making it easy to mount and remove the bag with the use of some non intrusive pins around the fuel cap.
A Youtube review video is available here.You will need a model specific fitting kit to mount the Shad tank bags on your tank,

The problem is that all the on-line suppliers i have found only offer a fitting kit compatible with the Supersport model years 2017-2019. Since I have the 2020 model that I believed was more or less identical to the previous model years I am bit confused. I have posted a picture of my fuel cap below and it has 5 bolts on a pitch circle diameter of approx, 90 mm.
It would be of great help if someone with a 2017-2019 Supersport could check their fuel cap and post a photo of it and make it possible to compare them.

Cheers / J

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