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Share Pictures Of Your Ducati Supersport 939

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Share Pictures Of Your Ducati Supersport 939
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it really is......and pics don't do it justice. Come on over and visit sometime!
Zion is stunning!

Well, all those parks in southern Utah are amazing... Zion, Escalante, Moab, Cayonlands, Capitol Reef, Monument Valley (bordering Utah). Outstanding riding and mesmerizing to hike through.
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Been working on a light painted shot. i should really stack several images but am too lazy. So here is the single image version
Wow! Fantastic pic!
Almost time to hit the road :grin2:
Red Vette, White Duc... perfect.
It’s actually a GT4 :cool:>:)>:)
I was wondering...it didn’t seem to quite match the profile of a V, but took a risk, haha. GT4, even better!
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@five12free Whose the manufacturer of the front wheel channel stand?

Btw, be careful folding those mirrors...the front pivot is rivet style that with a little jarring or off axis rotation, can cause it to loosen.
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a jaunt over to Wyoming to view the Tetons. Still loads of snow in the high country. The Grand Teton is still stuck in the cloud so can't quite see the top.
Oh yeah, know that spot well. They are beautiful!
3.5k miles this year. None on the motorway😁
Looking great!

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Doh!!! Cheers not sure how to use these?
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Cherohala Skyway in the Great Smoky Mountains.
Personal fav!
@revoconner FYI... pic not showing, at least not through my device...
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Another few hundred miles in Southern Utah. Had to do some steel horse bonding along the way :)
Southern Utah <3
Nothing to say... I love this bike... I previously ride a Yamaha Tracer 900 (Great bike) and a Yamaha MT-10 (Terrible bike), but... this is MY bike... like “build it” to me... she has only 1 imperfection, when it’s 30 degree outside, she’s a “oven”...
Haven’t had the pleasure of an MT-10, yet...but just curious, if I might ask, what’s terrible about it?
Thanks fellas! Didn't mean to start a new thread thought I was in the pics and video thread. Oopsy.
Np at all, I moved it to the place you originally intended... ;)
Ducati Supersport S: the suspensions, the breaking system, the frame, all are oversized toward the engine.

MT-10: the opposite.
Interesting, have heard the brakes and suspension are not up to the job for the MT10...and you’re confirming that.

But also heard the engine is something special, what are your thoughts about that?
Making up for lost time on the pic uploads......

Interesting slip on...what is the source?
Today on Million Dollar Hwy.
Love to ride that road and general area. Enjoy!
Out for an evening ride today. Cold (+12C) but otherwise really nice!
Looks like a beautiful place to ride...

4:00 AM ride: Peace!

Physicians are understandably trained to be thorough, after all we wouldn’t want them to miss anything. But that sometimes causes unnecessary concern on our part. Most likely that’s the case here, no worries!

Beautiful pic with your partner!
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Little hard to see, what is that wire?
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