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Stock Pipes

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I was looking thru stuff when I noticed the pipes on the hypermotard and multistrada. Since the SS borrows elements from other models, these options for stock pipes wouldve looked great on the bike. What do you guys think?

Im sure ducati had good reasons, but just a thought...


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No. :eek:
Hahaha...at least the multistrada one...i think it wouldve created a sleek profile.

Dont get me wrong, i like the SS as she is, but the twin pipes kinda break the look a bit
I'm personally not fond of those style of mufflers. Always preferred barrels or twinsies. But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder ;)
Im just talking about a consistently design outlook. SS has a sleek, edgy, knife-life look to it. So round pipes kinda digress a lil. Round pipes look gr8 on the hayabusa or even under the tail. Under the tail makes good symmetry. I like symmetry :grin2:

Again, thats just my opinion. Would like to see what people do with it?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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