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SuperSport Parts Fische Available

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The parts fische for each model is available at:

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Good find, thanks!
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Cool, thanks O&D!

Does not appear luggage is shown.
I'll see if they will fix that for you.
I emailed my dealer and gave him my laundry list of things that I want on the bike when I pick it up. Since we can see the part numbers on line and in the parts fiche, I figured that I would give him a head start...good thing I did.

My list is pretty easy:
Akra slip on exhaust
CF rear mud guard
CF swing-arm guard
CF chain guard
tinted Touring windscreen
front / rear billet aluminum brake res. covers.- black

He is already telling me that the windscreen and the slipon exhaust in not available. How can that be? Unless they are saving those pieces for the packages...sport, touring, urban?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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