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Supersport swingarm needed for new Supersport S

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Looking for suggestions for a swingarm to prop up the bike for routine maintenance?
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What you are looking for is a "maintenance stand" or "paddock stand."

If you don't already have anything, I highly recommend the PitBull stands for both front and rear. Most Ducati dealers carry them, or can get them through their non-OEM accessory supplier and save you the cost of shipping.

Or get them somewhere that provides free shipping on minimum orders, like Revzilla.

Rear stand - I'd recommend getting both pins: https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle...198-1199-1299-diavel-multistrada-monster-1200

Front stand - get a "hybrid" stand, gives you more flexibility in how you do which tasks. Never lift the front of the bike unless you already have the rear of the bike up on a stand. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle...stand-aprilia-ducati-honda-kawasaki-mv-agusta
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I've used an ABBA Superbike stand for years. It has interchangeable adapters for different bike models. I've used it for Triumph Street Triples and Speed Triples. When I bought the SSS I ordered Ducati adapters for £20UK and it works perfectly. Lifts the rear for total stability during chain and other maintenance jobs, or for laying up over winter. I use a separate paddock stand for the front. Is ABBA available in the US?

Superbike Stand - Abba Stands, UK

This topic has been covered a few times in other threads, but yes, I agree with @psyopper. I love my Pitbull stands. ABBA is also great, but a bit more pricey.
Also using the ABBA stand here.
I ordered the pitbull one. Helps when there's 20% on all accessories with the new bike. I'll answer any questions about it next week when I've had a chance to fit it on the bike.
I got my rear stand from R&G, not cheep but seems to be well made.
I've got an ABBA stand but need to buy the bungs for the SS, used it on previous bikes great bit of kit.
I have an Abba stand, used them for years.
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