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There's a few tasty accessoroeis already listed.

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It's all gone very quiet, so while you're feast your eyes on these and make a birthday list for what you would like............


Sadly the link doesn't take you to the right place, so go equipment, then supersport, then on the right hand side fill in the bike and year don't add anything in category and search. Should bring them all up......
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The carbon guards are really nice pieces ! There's also a low seat and a comfort seat which is cool too
Those carbon silencers are separate which I didn't know. Really need to wait and see pricing on all of these before I start my list though otherwise I'll be left with a wish list that will forever stay as such lol.
If you go on to the Ducati UK site the prices are already listed. So you can plan your spending...............
There was talk of panniers and top boxes as well. I'm sure more will be added close to release.
$2,350 for that complete exhaust system really doesn't seem that bad. Those carbon pieces though.. Yup. Those are coming with me.
There's a few new items listed for the Supersport, the carbon front sprocket cover looks nice and the new registration plate hanger sounds interesting too....

Carbon fiber front sprocket cover. - Ducati SuperSport Accessories
Being early buyers, we need to be patient. There will be so many aftermarket parts for this bike it will become confusing. :grin2:
Now, if I could take my own advice. >:)

On a related note, there is an European vendor already offering the full Akra system at a discount. The price for the Ducati supplied one includes an ECU map upgrade (exhaust valve delete, mixture, timing?, rev limit?). Maybe someone could contact them and ask about provisions for the map upgrade. I have already determined that my dealer is not authorized to do an up map on a bike in warranty unless it came through the Ducati system.

Plug in the Ducati Akra full system part number for details.

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lol. I remember when I bought my Monster, I paid for it in full in June 1993, but had to wait 3 months for delivery. Got it in Sept 1993. During that time, I spent a bunch of hours looking at mods and parts and accessories, and had a whole list of stuff I was going to do to it when I got it.

And then I got it, and started riding it, and wasn't willing to stop riding it long enough to do any of those things. So they never got done. 24 years later, it's still almost completely stock. :)

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You have some seriously strong will power. I would have been on the opposite end buying the parts before the bike even got in haha!
You have some seriously strong will power. I would have been on the opposite end buying the parts before the bike even got in haha!
I think part of the reason my M900 Monster has held up so well for so long is that I didn't modify it much. I've seen a lot of bikes that have been "improved" into oblivion. I've pretty much gone with "If'n it ain't broke, don't fix it". I have done a couple of upgrades when the original needed replacement. For example, when my rear shock blew out at 186K, I fitted an Ohlins as a replacement. If I do go with a SS939 as a replacement bike, I will probably take a similar approach, with very limited modifications.

Im trying feed my hunger going thru the forums and reviews, but its only making me hungrier. Im getting more n more restless the closer we get to April. Cant say how many times ive looked up insurance rates and accessories. :D
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