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Welcome from San Francisco

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i can't tell you how happy I am. You all know. I've had an awesome monster 796 2013 and I always wanted and panigale but its so not practical. The super sport S is my new jam. Cool thing, my 4 year loves it.

I've been riding for almost 15 years now. I run a digital agency named propane studio and I've also been trying to pitch ducati. Im going to share my thoughts with you all and would love to get your input.

if anyone is here in San Francisco and wants to ride, I'm down. Hit me up. I love this bike and as a child i always wanted to be the guy in Akira (japanese anime) so now this SuperSport is it. A childhood dream come true for me. I also like to work on bikes so I'll be sure to share my customizations with you all, and I've already bought a lock and fender eliminator based on your community feedback so thank you. Lets keep this group rocking!!


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Welcome to the forum and congrats on the bike. Look forward to your input
Welcome to the group!
Welcome and congrats. Looking forward to your thoughts and mods.
Welcome to the forums! Glad to hear you're already on the mod route and can't wait to see what you get done. What mods have you done to the 796 that you had before?
Welcome to the forum, from your picture you look a little young to be riding............
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