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Wheel n Tire Insurance

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As everyone gets closer to their pick up dates, I wanted to hear what you have to say regarding getting your wheel and tire insured.
Im from SD CA, so itll be help for me to hear what people from Cali have to say for it.

Is it really needed?
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You do realize that you've now jinxed yourself by asking about it?
You might have been okay with out it before, but not now. >:)
Haha...I was just looking forward to opinions. I have a friend who got a 821 few years back and was kinda coerced into buying it. I take care of my bikes, smooth riding, no crazy stuff. So I'm more inclined to not buy it
I never purchased it with my two previous new Ducs and never needed it. But a friend of mine managed to run over a pretty good sized rock on a local mountain road while riding his 2012 Multi and it dinged the front wheel up pretty good. He pulled the tire off the wheel and shipped the wheel up to a guy in the Bay Area who specializes in repairing those kinds of things. Had the wheel back in less than 10 days...it looked brand new. Can't remember the exact cost, but it was under $200. Oh, and the Pirelli Angel GT survived with no damage.
So for me...I'll pass (again) when the sales guy offers it up on the Supersport.
I'll pass (again) when the sales guy offers it up on the Supersport.
Guess thats the route im taking...thanks!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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