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Who is going for Ducati Everred ?

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I am going for Ducati Everred warranty extension...although I am not sure yet whether 1 or 2 year extension.
What are your decisions and oppions ? 馃
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I don't believe that option is available in the USA. It's typically the standard factory warranty...24 months, unlimited miles (kilometers). My local dealer offers are wheel/tire warranty, but that is not a Ducati offering.
@Ventura17SS whats your thoughts on the wheel/tire warranty?
I didn't purchase it on my previous two Ducs ('13 Monster 796 & '15 Hyperstrada). A buddy of mine dinged up the front wheel on his '12 Multi a couple of years ago (no wheel warranty), sent it north to a guy in the Bay Area who repairs those kinds of things, and when he got it back a week or so later it looked brand new. It was right at $200 or slightly less. I don't know that the wheel warranty is worth it, actually, but I suppose a lot depends on how often you ride and the type of riding you do.
I'm still thinking about a twelve month extension.... I have thirty days.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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